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At the heart of the Open Government Partnership lies a mission to bring together government reformers and civil society leaders to create and implement action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive and accountable. However, anecdotal evidence indicates that open government processes have struggled to fully include women and other historically disempowered groups in the co-creation and implementation of national action plan commitments. Additionally, out of the few action plan commitments that have included gender as a focus, those commitments are more likely to lack ambition, specificity, and completion.

This call for proposals is commissioned under the Feminist Open Government Initiative, a collaboration between Results for Development, the International Development Research Centre, and the Open Government Partnership. To enhance women’s participation and gender throughout OGP’s work, the Feminist Open Government Initiative aims to:

  • Build and deepen evidence around the impact that gender equality can have on improving governance on public services, addressing corruption, and opening up civic space and inclusion; 
  • Encourage governments to design and implement improved gender-aware OGP commitments; and
  • Establish an international coalition of partners to drive effective participation for all in open government processes.
This call for proposals has ended. Submissions are now closed.  For more information about the Feminist Open Government Initiative, please visit the Open Government Partnership

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