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Application Process and Timeline

Applications should be submitted online by 5:00 PM (EST) on November 30, 2018. Applications can be submitted in English. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered, and only completed applications will be considered. A complete application includes:    

  • A completed proposal, to be submitted using the online application form (Guidelines included below)  
  • One (1) sample of work to demonstrate capacity to carry out rigorous research on the proposed topic, including capacity to integrate gender-based analysis  
  • An estimated budget, with a cost breakdown by budget categories  
  • CVs of research team (each CV should not exceed 2 pages)

The application process includes the following stages:  

  • Launch of Request for Proposals – November 6
  • Questions due – November 20
  • Propsals due – November 30
  • Selection of projects by selection committee – by December 21  

Proposal Guidelines

Your proposal should include the following information:

  • Project title:
  • Country(ies) of research focus:
  • Project duration (in months):
  • Total budget requested (in USD):
  • Theme:
  • Project Abstract (Max 300 words, including information on objectives, expected outcome and impact).

Applicant information

  • Lead institution and contact details of principal researcher (name, title, email address, phone)
  • Type of institution
  • Partner institution(s) and contact (if applicable)

Background and Objectives (Max 400 words)

  • Describe specific issues or challenges the proposed project seeks to address in relation to broader goals of the Call.
  • Clearly articulate the hypothesis, research questions and objectives.  
  • Describe how proposed work will add to existing knowledge.

Approach/Methodology (Max 500 words)

  • Describe the broad methodological approach, including a brief explanation and justification of specific methods and implementation approach to be used.  
  • Describe how your research will integrate a gender analysis.  

Outputs and outcomes (Max 300 words)

  • Describe concrete outputs, outcomes, and applicability of research results. This should describe a clear impact pathway.

Research uptake (Max 300 words)

  • Demonstrate clear research uptake strategy including, identification of the target audience, engagement with key stakeholders, level of engagement during research cycle and approaches to knowledge sharing.
  • Outline proposed approach to monitor progress and measure impact.

Project team (Max 200 words)

  • Provide information about the composition of the project team and the distribution of responsibilities.

Challenges and risks (Max 200 words)

  • Describe the main challenges and risks you anticipate in carrying out the work and how these will be mitigated.
  • Highlight any needs/areas for capacity building.