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Which countries and localities are eligible for research grants?

Proposed research and activities must be carried out in one or more Global South countries or localities in the Open Government Partnership. Priority will be given to those who analyze multiple countries, and final selections will take regional diversity into consideration. 

What constitutes an organization for the purposes of this Call for Proposals?
The applicant organization is the one responsible for the expertise, research and administration of the funding. Organizations may be private research organizations (non-governmental organizations, co-operatives, unions, civil society organizations, not-for-profit foundations, or for-profit organizations), rather than public research organizations (government departmental services, local officials or governments). Eligible organizations:
  • are incorporated organizations in an OGP country;
  • must have the main organizational objective of carrying out independent research;
  • must have the organizational policy of allowing their researchers to publish academic works of international scope free of charge;
  • are not part of the United Nations.
What types of organizations can express their interest?
Responses to the call for Expression of Interest must be submitted by a research-based and incorporated organization. United Nations agencies, donors and multilateral organizations are not eligible.
If I am not attached to any organization, can I submit a proposal in my personal capacity?
Proposals submitted by individuals will not be accepted.

Can we submit a proposal if we form a team of researchers (consortium)?
Multi-organizational research consortia may submit a proposal; but one of the partners must be designated as the lead organization.The proposal should be submitted to R4D by the lead organization on behalf of the consortium.

Will I receive feedback on my submission?
Given the volume of applications received, R4D does not intend to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. You will receive a notification of the final status of your application by the end of December 2019.

How will proposals be evaluated? 
Organizations that meet the criteria will be pre-screened and evaluated by the R4D-led Feminist Open Government Review Committee in partnership with OGP and IDRC staff, and guided by comments from the committee of international peer reviewers of related disciplines.

How many organizations will receive research grants?
This will depend on the application pool. At this point, R4D plans to grant up to eight grants ranging from $20,000 USD to $50,000 USD.

Acceptable Overhead Rates
Organizations can include overhead rates if required. The overhead cap is 13%.